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  • 10+ Years Experience for China Dental Outsourcing Services

  • Processing 10,000 Dental Cases Each Month

  • Over 200 Certified Technicians in Lab

  • 7 Days Swift Turnaround Time for Most Dental Cases.

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Why 1000+ Dentists Choose Robust

China Dental Lab FAQ

  • You always pay for shipping boxes to us.
  • We pay for shipping back, if your each invoice reaches to a certain amount.
  • When shipping packages to us, you are allowed to use our UPS account, which can help you save shipping cost, due to our better discounts.

We only use CE-marked or FDA-approved materials. For detailed information, please refer to our Material List.

We don’t request minimum order.

In Robust, there are several managers in each process, thoroughly checking each dental case before moving to the next step. The final inspection for 100% dental work ensures that all our dental cases leave our lab in perfect condition. Our highly experienced QCs are highly strict about fitting, occlusion, contact, finishing, and aesthetics, which have won us high satisfaction rates among customers. For more, please refer to our Quality Control.

Robust has over 200 experienced technicians for fixed, removable, and orthodontic dental cases. The 2000-square-meter dental case workshop, along with FDA-CE-approved materials, full CAD/CAM dental systems, and a professional before-and-after-sale service team, help provide fast turnaround time and low remake rates.

Robust has an independent research team where at least 10 technicians are from overseas or have overseas working experiences. They fully understand standards and regulations from abroad, and constantly provide feasible dental solutions. Whether you have a demanding dentist or patient who expects high aesthetic results or complex dental restorations, you can depend on us.

We offer a 5-year warranty for fixed restorations, and 1 year for removable restorations.

  • For most cases, we offer a 7-day turnaround time for most cases. Please check our full Turnaround Time for details.
  • For less frequent shipments, we suggest dentists to allow a 12-day turnaround.
  • For question cases, the production time would be extended.
  • Routine inspections in Customs could happen, even though it is infrequent. And we will not be responsible for the related turnaround delays.
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What Our Clients Say about Our Dental Lab Outsourcing Service

Promise to Overseas Dental Labs & Dentists

  • A very competitive price to help you cut cost and increase profits.
  • Robust will handle all details of the order on your behalf, providing fast shipping to ensure timely delivery.
  • Robust welcomes you to test services with only a few cases, and helps you monitor and control your risks.

End Users

Worry about doing business with Robust? See what our end users said about our corrugated box machine. You will LIKE to do business with us, too!

I use my oral scanner and send all digital jobs to Robust dental lab. It is super fast, just like sending my work to a local dental lab. I should have done this earlier considering all benefits I get from working with Robust.

robustdental clientDr Gabii, Dental Office Owner, Israel

The most beautiful thing of working with Robust dental lab is that we don’t have to examine dental cases for quality, after we receive like a hundred cases on daily basis. It helps save time and trouble. After working with Robust for years, we know we can count on this responsible business partner.

robustdental clientEmily, Dental lab owner, USA

We are a dental lab with years experience of outsourcing dental work overseas. My partner should know clearly how to manage communication, quality and fast turnaround. We don’t have time talking the same things over and over again, since we have many things to handle in our local areas. Robust dental is the best partner I’ve met, and we will keep working together.

robustdental clientMatt, Dental lab owner, the UK

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