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Working with Robust comes with great convenience. We provide full dental services, including fixed cases, removable cases, orthodontics, retainers, and combination works. We also employ high technologies (digital files, 3D printing), and supply all kinds of dental accessories. For some cases, the cost can even be as much as 50% less, compared to that of dental labs in developed countries, while maintaining the same quality. Our customer service staff are highly trained. We can communicate either by phone or by email. Before sales, we provide detailed consultation about shipping, pricing and cooperation. We also provide swift after sale services such as your special requirements, remakes and refunds.

Ceramic Zirconia Crowns

Fixed Restoration

Fixed dental restoration is a permanent dental prosthesis, it is firmly fixed (attached) to patients’ prepared teeth, and will not be taken out of their mouths during the day and night. This kind of restoration is like patients’ natural teeth, offering excellent chewing and biting strength, remarkable oral hygiene, and superior aesthetics.


Orthodontics is a kind of removable device, patients need it to either correct patients’ crooked teeth or keep good positions of the corrected teeth. Orthodontics includes the Clear aligner, Hawley retainer, space maintainer, expander, spring appliance, Frankel appliance, and mouth guards.

Acrylic Denture

Removable Restoration

Removable dental restoration is not cemented to the patients’ natural teeth. Patients can wear and remove the prostheses by themselves. In fact, patients should regularly take out removable restoration for cleaning. This kind of restoration requires little preparation of the existing teeth and is convenient for patients to use.

Combination Work

Combination dental work consists of fixed restorations and removable restorations, it has the advantages of fixed and removable restorations. Therefore, it allows for superior retention and aesthetics while keeping fine hygiene for senior citizens. Combination work includes telescope prostheses, preci-vertix attachment, magnetic attachment, ERA attachment, MK1 attachment, and stud-sniap attachment.

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