Robust Flexible denture

  • Elastic and flexible

  • Translucent and aesthetically appealing

  • Light in weight

  • Good retention

  • 1 years warranty guarantee

China Flexible Denture Manufacturing Service


Flexible dentures are an excellent alternative to conventionally used methyl methacrylate dentures, which not only provide excellent aesthetics and comfort but also adapt to the constant movement and flexibility in partially edentulous patients.

Robust flexible partial is a very comfortable removable restoration, it can often come with a metal framework. A very good thing is that its clasps look like one’s gum tissue, giving a natural-looking.  We provide high-quality flexible dentures, all the flexible dentures have a 1-year warranty.

Equipment & Material

Robust Flexible Denture Specification

Product: Flexible denture
Base material for flexible denture: Valplast
Standard acrylic teeth: YAMAHACHI
Premium acrylic teeth: Gnathostar Ivoclar
In-lab manufacturing time: 2 days
Way of manufacturing: Traditional way
Warranty: 1 year

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