Robust Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a kind of removable device. Patients need it to either correct patients’ crooked teeth or keep good positions of the corrected teeth. Orthodontics includes the Clear aligner, Hawley retainer, space maintainer, expander, spring appliance, Frankel appliance, and mouth guards. All of our orthodontics has proper occlusion and margin, so dentists can help patients to very easily wear and remove the orthodontics. We use high-end materials that will best reduce the impact on natural teeth. In our lab, we’ll double-check if there is dust or a bubble on the surface, all orthodontics is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.

Night Guard

Many people, especially teenagers, grind their teeth at night. This might hurt their teeth badly. Sleeping while wearing a nightguard is the most effective way to treat bruxism with minimum injury. Wearing a suitable night guard can prevent abrasion and reducing noise to your lovers sleeping aside.

Clear Aligner

The clear aligner is also called an invisible orthodontic appliance, it is a good solution for correcting mild to moderately crowded or incorrectly spaced teeth. They are most effective if your back teeth already fit together properly. Clear aligners are usually effective in correcting simpler or tipping movements of teeth in two dimensions.

Sports Guard

Sports guards are also called mouth guards. They can serve as a good mouth protector, especially during sports activities. There are ready-to-use sports guards, but we only fabricate individual ones. A sports guard is normally more expensive than a nightguard, though they look similar. It is because the craftsmanship is more complex, and the thickness of the device is different.

Anti-snoring Appliance

Quite a few people snore while sleeping. This is a common symptom of respiratory obstruction, but it is a serious problem and should be resolved as soon as possible. In fact, when we are aging, the situation will become more frequent if we just ignore this problem. Over-weight people and those who drink and smoke are exposed to higher chances of suffering from snoring.

Dental Retainers

The dental retainer is a device to consolidate the ideal effects after wearing braces and to maintain teeth in an aesthetic and functional position. After correcting teeth and removing the orthodontic appliance, the wearer’s teeth are still in a new and unstable position. So it is often necessary to wear a retainer for 4 to 6 months until the new position of teeth becomes permanent.

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