When dental offices send dental work to us, they trust us on receiving nice work finally. Indeed, we have made a lot of beautiful dental cases, but at the same time, we need to work closely with dentists as a team for great dental cases. Here we use some examples and give 7 advices:

1. Prepare teeth before sending dental cases to us

teeth without prep

Teeth without preparetion

Please always prepare teeth before oral scanning or taking impressions (unless you need non-prep veneers or diagnostic wax-up). Please do not ask us to prepare teeth in our lab, because you could have difficult chairside adjustments, and have problems with fitting.

2. Remove undercuts

big undercut dental preps

big undercuts dental preps

Please try not to leave undercuts after preparing teeth, or at least not big undercuts. In many situations, doctors ask for bridges, but they send cases with very big undercuts. If we just block so many big undercuts, doctors may find the crowns very loose (for easier fitting). And patients could suffer from food trap over time. This could also cause gum infection.

3. Leave enough space

prep without enough space

Teeth preparation without enough space

Please prepare more of teeth, so there is about 1.5mm space between teeth. We also need space for the occlusion (1.5mm). If doctors only prepare little teeth, there is no space for making details such as translucency and more color blending on the incisor. With narrow space, dentists could have hard time inserting crowns at chairside.

4. Try to create a nice arch

full arch dental work

A great tooth preparation should follow the alignment as much as possible

Please prepare teeth referring to the arch of jaw, so we can align teeth with crowns. Let’s take an example of the tooth in the picture above. The tooth (red arrow) is very bulky. The doctor could prepare more tooth towards palatal, so we can try to make the tooth less bulky, and align other teeth.

5. Check bite before sending cases

Wrong bite relationship

Wrong bite relationship

Please take care of the bite. Let’s look at the example below. The occlusal space is way too big. We could not decide the patient’s bite, so we suggest making a temporary bridge first. With temporary bridges, doctors can make adjustments for correct bite. Please note wrong bite could break crowns and bridges easily.

6. Gum lines

gum lines

Unsymmetrical gum lines

If gum lines of the crowns have to be symmetrical (especially for upper front teeth), please let us know before production. Actually, it is best that you make symmetrical gum lines through surgical operations. If we do that only through making crowns, there could be food trap over time.

8. Need digital scans/ impressions with clear margins

dental impression with blur margins

Dental scan with blur margins

Please send us clear scans with clear margins. Before oral scanning or taking impressions, please clean blood and saliva first. With clear margins, you will find our fitting is perfect!