Outsourcing dental cases to China has advantages, but sending dental packages to our Chinese dental lab safely is also very important. Today I am going to tell you what is needed for us to receive your boxes on time. You should pay attention to this issue. Otherwise, your could delay or even lose your dental packages.

1. Always send tracking number right after the box is shipped

Some customers do not send tracking, or do not let us know after a box is sent. It is true that we are very likely to receive their boxes, but it is a bit risky. It is because your box could get lost on the way to us, but we do not know. Over time, the chances for tracking the box could be slim. On the other hand, your box could get stuck under Customs routine inspections. If we have the tracking number, we can notice and take actions immediately. This helps us retrieve dental boxes on time.

2. Always write tracking number onto the box

We know there is a waybill attached to the dental box. However, please remember to always write tracking number onto any side of the box (make sure the tracking number can be clearly seen). It is because Customs officials may take the waybill out of plastic bags during routine inspections. Later, they could forget to put the waybill back. With tracking number written on the box, your boxes can still be easily tracked, even if the waybill is lost.

3. Do not put anything else into the box

Some clients have very good relationships with their dental labs. To express their love and respect, they may probably put into dental boxes something beyond dental cases. That is very dangerous — your dental boxes could be detained and confiscated by the Customs. For example, once a client put a bag of cookies into a big dental box. Unfortunately, the box got detained by the Customs. It took 5 days for the dental lab to retrieve the box, after paying some amount of penalty money. You may do this before and, luckily, nothing happened, but do not take chances. Therefore, please do not put anything unrelated to dental cases into the box, such as cash, precious dental alloy.

In conclusion, Prevention is better than cure. So be careful with sending out a dental box. As long as you follow all those above steps, everything will be fine.