Robust Telescope Case

  • Protecting the remaining natural teeth and soft tissue

  • Great retention and easy to handle

  • Aesthetically appealing (no clasps)

  • Suitable for  patients who lost most of their natural teeth or suffer from periodontal disease

  • 7 days in-lab manufacturing time

China Telescope Case Manufacturing Service


A telescope case consists of inner crowns and outer crowns, requiring great craftsmanship to make. The inner crowns are placed on the abutments, while the outer crowns are integrated with a removable restoration. Dentists also have to prepare more of the natural teeth.

For patients who lost most of their natural teeth or suffer from periodontal disease, a telescope case can be a good solution. Robust provides high-quality telescope case. Our in-lab manufacturing time is as soon as 7 days.

Equipment & Material

Robust Telescope Case Specification

Product: Telescope case
Alloy material for crowns: Bego; Argen
Framework material: Bego
Composite material: SHOFU CERAMGE
Acrylic base material: Lucitone-199; Probase Ivoclar
Acrylic teeth: YAMAHACHI; Gnathostar Ivoclar
In-lab manufacturing time: 7 days
Way of manufacturing: Traditional way
Milling machine: Bredent BF2
Warranty for fixed restoration: 5 years
Warranty for framework: 2 years
Warranty for acrylic partial: 1 year
MOQ: 1 case

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