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  • 13 years experience of dental outsourcing services for Canadian dental labs.

  • We can process over 10,000 dental cases each month

  • 7 days swift turnaround time for most dental cases.

  • Over 200 certified technicians in our dental lab

    One-Stop Dental Outsourcing Service

    Robust is a full service dental lab, producing all dental cases  in house. Robust provides the same care for dental labs and independent dentists.

    • Only use FDA and CE-approved materials.

    • 5-year warranty support

    • Digital friendly (3Shape, iTero, Medit Link, Shining 3D)

    • Online portal to monitor your dental case status

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    Dental Lab Canada FAQ

    • You always pay for shipping boxes to us.
    • We pay for shipping back, if your each invoice reaches to a certain amount.
    • When shipping packages to us, you are allowed to use our UPS account, which can help you save shipping cost, due to our better discounts.

    We only use CE-marked or FDA-approved materials. For detailed information, please refer to our Material List.

    We don’t request minimum order.

    In Robust, there are several managers in each process, thoroughly checking each dental case before moving to the next step. The final inspection for 100% dental work ensures that all our dental cases leave our lab in perfect condition. Our highly experienced QCs are highly strict about fitting, occlusion, contact, finishing, and aesthetics, which have won us high satisfaction rates among customers. For more, please refer to our Quality Control.

    Robust has over 200 experienced technicians for fixed, removable, and orthodontic dental cases. The 2000-square-meter dental case workshop, along with FDA-CE-approved materials, full CAD/CAM dental systems, and a professional before-and-after-sale service team, help provide fast turnaround time and low remake rates.

    Robust has an independent research team where at least 10 technicians are from overseas or have overseas working experiences. They fully understand standards and regulations from abroad, and constantly provide feasible dental solutions. Whether you have a demanding dentist or patient who expects high aesthetic results or complex dental restorations, you can depend on us.

    We offer a 5-year warranty for fixed restorations, and 1 year for removable restorations.

    • For most cases, we offer a 7-day turnaround time for most cases. Please check our full Turnaround Time for details.
    • For less frequent shipments, we suggest dentists to allow a 12-day turnaround.
    • For question cases, the production time would be extended.
    • Routine inspections in Customs could happen, even though it is infrequent. And we will not be responsible for the related turnaround delays.
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    1. What is a Dental Lab in Canada?

    Dental Laboratories in Canada is the fastest-growing network of dental laboratories in the country. We work hard to ensure the success of every dental laboratory we acquire and provide the highest quality service to dental clinics across the country. We are targeted at any place where artificial dentures or other dental appliances are manufactured, repaired, modified, or machined, or where any equipment or milling device for the manufacture, repair or modification, or machining of such dentures or appliances is installed, or performed in whole or in part. Dental labs in Canada are places where dental and oral prostheses or related appliances are designed, milled or manufactured.

    2. What technology does the dental lab in Canada have?

    A dental laboratory is both a science and an art. Due to the different needs of each dentist, the duties of a dental laboratory technician are complex and varied. While dental technicians rarely deal with patients directly, unless, under the direction of a licensed dentist, they are an important part of the dental care team. According to detailed written instructions, they work directly with the dentist to make the teeth or soft tissue imprints (molds) in the patient’s mouth: dentures for people who have lost all their teeth, and removable partials for people with only one or a few teeth Dentures or fixed bridges. Crowns are used to cover the teeth and bring them back to their original size.

    Veneers can improve the patient’s appearance and function. Orthodontic appliances and splints help straighten and protect teeth. Among the materials that dental technicians work with are waxes, plastics, rare and precious alloys, stainless steel, ceramics, composites, and polymeric glass. Many technicians have acquired the skills to operate complex instruments and equipment while performing laboratory operations. It is very important for technicians to stop producing cosmetic and functional dental replacements.

    3. What types of dental labs are there in Canada?

    Oral laboratories can be divided into fixed denture laboratories, removable denture laboratories, orthopedic laboratories, and full-service laboratories according to product types. Fixed dentures are a staple in most dental laboratories, along with removable dentures and orthoses. You can find many dental labs that only produce fixed teeth, but very few offer removable ones.

    Most dental laboratories on the market are privately owned because they are easy to manage and there are many good practices in the manufacture of dentures, such as in the production of dental cassettes with simplified operations.

    Currently, there is some confusion in the dental engineering industry. You can find thousands of dental labs in China. From a dental laboratory perspective, it is common to see many dental technicians leave their jobs to start a new dental laboratory. When choosing a dental lab, it’s important to check the size of your dental lab so you can avoid some of the worst. For your reference, here are some numbers:

    • Large dental laboratory:

    Their monthly production capacity is between 10,000, 20,000, and 200 technicians working 24 hours a day.

    • Small dental laboratory:

    They can produce 3,000 to 10,000 pieces a month, with 50 to 150 dental technicians, and some labs work two shifts.

    • Small tooth workshop:

    The monthly number of porcelain teeth is in the range of 1000-2000, and the number of technicians is less than 50.

    Dental Lab Canada

    4. Are dental labs in Canada profitable?

    If your in-house dental laboratory is effective and consistent in providing quality work, it can be a profitable business. Just like many other industries that have replaced manual labor, large and medium-sized dental laboratories are still growing and advancing with the rapid advancement of technology and will continue to thrive.

    5. What are the main characteristics of a good dental lab in Canada?

    What do you need to pay attention to? While these responses may vary based on personal preference, there are some key factors that should not be overlooked when examining a dental laboratory.

    1) Effective communication and ease of use

    Dental Laboratory Assistant Communication Communication is necessary for dental and dental laboratory success. You need a dental lab, and you can go whenever you need it. Their tech and support staff should be reachable by any means you prefer – text, phone, email, or even video.

    2) The use of high-grade materials

    High-quality dental laboratory products are manufactured with the best quality and highest standards. A good quality dental laboratory with a solid reputation for using only high-quality and approved materials. It doesn’t compromise the quality of its work by using cheap or inferior alternatives.

    3) Improve internal resources

    Find a dental laboratory that has a wide range of resources available for internal restoration.

    Some dental laboratories have decided to outsource their work abroad to reduce costs. Maybe they can cut costs this way. However, they impair their ability to control the quality of the materials and processes used to produce the product. Be sure to partner with a dental laboratory that can produce the best oral and cosmetic dental products in their own facility while maintaining quality control. This means that the laboratory has absolute control over every detail to ensure that products are produced to the strictest quality standards.

    4) Actual support

    A dental laboratory that has been running for years should have experience and no skills you can rely on if necessary. Their staff has worked with many dentists on multiple cases. They can help you decide the best treatment or product selection for a specific situation, and help you avoid costly mistakes. They can provide high-quality services that will strengthen your relationship with doctors and patients, as well as your general practice. Lab support also helps save valuable time and effort and generate more revenue.

    5) Good reputation

    Find a dental laboratory that has a reputation in the field. What is the history of Templeton Dental Laboratories? Laboratories that have been in the industry for a long time have obviously been through a lot of storms, working with maybe hundreds of dentists and treating thousands of patients. Longevity cannot be underestimated. Do lab technicians have the edge, are well-trained, and are eager to keep up with the latest developments in the field? Do they have the credentials a dentist needs? Do they demonstrate a commitment to excellence in their work?

    6) Customer Satisfaction Commitment

    A high-quality dental laboratory will do everything possible to get a complete picture of each case you wish to complete. It seeks ways to help you and your patients. We have always been committed to providing high-quality services to our customers. It’s designed for quick turnaround, especially when you have an immediate need for a product. If you have a challenging case, it will demonstrate its commitment to your success by providing thoughtful advice.

    What are the main characteristics of a good dental lab in Canada?

    6. What products does Dental Lab Canada offer?

    It offers a wide range of products such as crowns and bridges, ceramic fused metal, all-gold crowns, all-ceramic, zirconia, E.max, Queen Aesthetics, veneers, implants, accessories, CAD/CAM abutments, on-bridge screws, Valplast, partial frames, dentures and more.

    Here are some product introductions:

    1) Zirconium

    Zirconium crowns consist of unique custom tooth shades and high transparency. Zirconia restorations transmit natural light through Vita shades, just like natural teeth, and can be used to make teeth strong and shiny. This completely universal prosthesis is virtually unbreakable and is suitable for posterior prostheses. The minimum clearance required is 1.0 mm, but smaller clearances are acceptable in some cases. Its adhesion is traditional any porcelain metal cement can do. The diamond kit and zirconia polisher make them easy to adjust.

    2) Teeth inlays

    Dental veneers create a natural, beautiful smile while preserving the original tooth structure as much as possible. They are very thin custom tiles that attach directly to the tooth surface. This means we can change our smiles to respect our natural teeth without having to pull them out. Veneers are changing the way many dentists approach cosmetic dentistry. This method is particularly effective in cases where tooth size must be increased or narrow arch width must be improved.

    3) Hard acrylic protector and splint

    Hard acrylic and tablets are excellent solutions for bruxism and temporomandibular disorders. Rigid acrylic plywood can be designed and modified according to each customer’s special requirements. In the maxillary or mandibular arch, the posterior teeth are 2 mm thick and the anterior teeth are 4-5 mm thick. The occlusal surface is flat and smooth, helping to create a full arc of occlusal contact (if possible) in the direction of the cusps.

    4) Ceramic metal shell

    Ceramic restoration is currently the most commonly used restoration treatment. Different types of alloys can be used to create substructures, and dental laboratories can easily provide physicians with a variety of ceramic metal crowns and bridges. Excellent elasticity can be used for front and rear bridges and crowns. Porcelain rims are recommended to dramatically improve the appearance and allow natural light to penetrate the gum margins. They fit perfectly, and their foundation consists of only one step.

    5) Golden Bridge Golden Crown

    Gold has been the restorative material of choice for dental treatment for over 2,500 years. Dental restorations using gold materials can last 20 to 50 years, not to mention its added value.

    6) Partial dentures

    Once the case is sent to the dental laboratory, our experienced team will design a removable partial restoration based on your clinical information and personal preferences. Our strict attention to detail, coupled with high-quality materials, keeps each frame tightly connected for a precise fit. Dental laboratory partial dentures can be designed with traditional metal or esthetic closure options, as well as crowns to match accessories. They are nickel and beryllium free to avoid allergies. It is a non-invasive treatment that provides a durable and economical solution.

    7) Elastic partial dentures

    It is not surprising that flexible sections are the first choice for physicians and patients due to improved aesthetics and hygiene. The aesthetic effect is immediate. These prosthetics are flexible closing fabric curtains, resistant to stains, discoloration, and odors, and fine and translucent for excellent hygiene and aesthetics. These materials are completely hypoallergenic and biocompatible, as well as flexible and easy to insert and subsequently remove.

    What products does Dental Lab Canada offer?

    8) Put the panel

    It is a flexible, self-forming splint made of thermoplastic material and therefore suitable for use with all dentures. A better fit can shorten the time after surgery, as simple as putting it in hot water and then in your mouth. Due to its optical clarity, the splint becomes imperceptible in use. It does not contain any methyl methacrylate, making it ideal for fighting bruxism and even allergies.

    9) Temporary Exterior Acrylic (Aletta)

    We design and manufacture inexpensive acrylic partial dentures that provide a temporary solution for missing teeth. This is a cost-effective and functional temporary implant solution.

    10) Diagnostic Waxing

    It is useful for treating crowns, bridges, veneers, and implants as well as advanced cosmetic boxes. Diagnostic fillings plan to reconstruct teeth and provide a natural-looking 3D representation of the final result. As such, it becomes a powerful tool for communicating with patients. In addition to serving as visual support for preparing suitable teeth, it can also be used as a template for final restorations or as a quick-moving temporary implant.

    11) Removable, topical and preventive appliances

    Scanning removable, partial, and preventive devices are used to create digital models of patients. 3D-printed digital models can create physical models, while traditional laboratory techniques can be used to create the required equipment.

    12) Dentures

    Dental laboratory restorations provide a personalized and unique full-arch alignment based on the patient’s age, desired tooth color, male or female characteristics, and the natural contours of the tissue. We customize each case to achieve a comfortable and functional device that provides patients with a natural smile that incorporates their individual characteristics.

    13) Monolithic Repair

    The overall restoration is made of solid white ceramic wif 4 and 5-milled shafts. These ceramic restorations are usually fired to determine their durability and natural appearance. Final restoration features are hand-finished to establish the desired aesthetic if required by the laboratory.

    What products does Dental Lab Canada offer?

    7. Why cooperate with a dental lab in Canada?

    Use dental lab jars. We partner with physicians to provide the best technology and service. Our goal is to make the practice of our physicians more efficient and profitable. Make your office more efficient and profitable when we promise to give you work.

    Over the years, our dental laboratory company has built a reputation not only for excellent customer service but also for accurate and reliable laboratory products. Our mission is to get the right treatment the first time and to ensure that your patients are treated with professional and timely assistance.

    Here are some of the advantages of our lab:

    • Detailed experience and knowledge in all aspects of the dental laboratory.
    • A strong management team will ease the management burden of the dental laboratory.
    • Detailed strategies for laboratory ownership transfer and development.
    • Get the best products, materials, and technologies for your customers.
    • A commitment to laboratory efficiency.
    • We are problem-solving experts
    • For us, a patient is worth a healthy mouth condition, and a partner is worth a paid invoice. We understand hidden connections within the human body and in relationships that drive outcomes that stand the test of time. Know that you will experience world-class support and value when we work together. We will do everything we can to deliver the best industry-leading results that delight both you and your patients.
    • Decades of experience – and counting
    • Canada’s best dental solutions are the result of continuous learning and development from our highly skilled staff. Our decades of experience in this field haven’t stopped us from exploring more: there are always other ideas to consider, new perspectives to appreciate, and new approaches to explore. We’d love to pass on what we’ve learned to you! Advanced or mentoring support is available depending on your preference.

    Why cooperate with a dental lab in Canada?

    8. Conclusion

    The above is all about the introduction of “Dental Lab Canada”. Hope the above information can help you. To learn more about Canadian dental laboratories or to discuss opportunities in your current laboratory, please contact us here.

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