Robust Removable Dental Restoration

Removable dental restoration is not cemented to the patients’ natural teeth. Patients can wear and remove the prostheses by themselves. In fact, patients should regularly take out removable restoration for cleaning. This kind of restoration requires little preparation of the existing teeth and is convenient for patients to use. Also, the production of the prostheses is relatively simple, so it is easy to fix. Removable dental restoration includes valplast partials, acrylic partial and full dentures, metal frameworks, and clear frameworks. It is highly popular for senior citizens.

Acrylic Denture

The acrylic denture is made of organic high molecular polymer material. It is a popular removable restoration for senior citizens. Actually, the acrylic denture is relatively hard and wide (thick), so it is less comfortable for some patients. Besides, it is not very durable, often lasting for 2 years, if patients take good care of it.

Flexible Denture

Flexible dentures are an excellent alternative to conventionally used methyl methacrylate dentures, which not only provide excellent aesthetics and comfort but also adapt to the constant movement and flexibility in partially edentulous patients.


A framework is in most cases, made of metal, and often comes with an acrylic partial denture. It is usually for senior citizens, and the function is similar to that of an Acrylic denture

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