Robust Post & Core

  • Cost-effective, good retention, less time-consuming

  • It ranges from Metal Post & Core, Zirconia Post & Core

  • 5 years warranty guarantee

  • Build a post & core as a prepared tooth to support a crown or a bridge

China Zirconia Crowns Manufacturing Service


Post & Core is used when a natural tooth (often a molar tooth) has a large decayed area. The remaining tooth is not enough to support a crown. An alternative to this restoration is an implant system, but it is fairly expensive and time-consuming. In this case, an easier way is to build a post & core as a prepared tooth. So the tooth can have enough area to support a crown or a bridge.

Robust has specialized in producing different types of Post & Core, including Metal Post & Core, Zirconia Post & Core. All our Post & Cores have 5 years warranty. Our in-lab manufacturing time is as soon as 2 days.

Post & Core Types

Metal Post & Core

The material for metal post & core includes Nickle base alloy, cobalt-chromium alloy, and precious alloy. Cobalt chromium alloy is most frequently used because it is superior to Nickel base alloy, cost-effective, and very tough (not easy to break).


Zirconia Post & Core

The biggest advantage of zirconia post & core is its bio-compatibility. It is also more cost-effective than a precious alloy. However, if the post has to be very small (depends on the specific cases), we don’t suggest using a zirconia post & core, since it is easy to break.

Robust Post & Core Specification

Product: Post & Core
Material for metal post & core: Bego, Argen
Material for zirconia post & core: Aidite (CE 0197,  FDA K111291)
Crowns to choose: Zirconia, E.max, composite, PFM
In-lab manufacturing time: 2 days
Way of manufacturing: Traditional way
Warranty: 5 years
MOQ: 1 case

Equipment & Material

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