Can we make long zirconia bridges for implant cases?The answer is yes in many cases, but in some cases, long zirconia bridges are not suitable. Here are why and solutions.

1. Examples where long zirconia bridges are not recommended



Let’s look at the above 2 cases. Both of them are implant cases that need full arch bridges. The dentist asked for one whole zirconia bridge for both cases. Honestly, we could just go ahead, but we immediately communicated with dentists and finally agreed on making a PFM long bridge.

The reason is that there are only 4 implants (abutments) in each dental case. It is not enough to hold a long zirconia bridge. Zirconia bridges are strong, but not as strong as PFM bridges. A zirconia bridge would probably break, if there were not enough supporting points.

2. Solution



However, what if patients only want zirconia bridges in such situation? Here is an excellent solution. For such cases, we suggest making All-On-Four bridges (or Malo bridges). It is a CADCAM pure titanium bridge. And it often comes with individual crowns. We often use composite resin for the gum area. The crowns can be PFM, but mostly zirconia or E-max, because they look more natural.

3. Advantages of a pure titanium bridge (Malo bridge)



Let’s look at the advantages:

  1. Light weight — the whole bar is made of pure titanium. It is a lot more light-weight than a common zirconia bridge.
  2. Easy placement — Before delivery, we will cement all crowns onto the titanium bridge. Doctors can place the whole bridge just like working with a normal bridge.
  3. Easy fixing — The titanium bar often comes with single crowns. If 1 or 2 crowns are broken, doctors can just remove them, and remake the broken crowns, instead of the whole bridge.
  4. Super strong — there is a pure titanium bar (skeleton) to be a strong support.
  5. Fewer implants — doctors only need 4 implants to make such a bridge. Patients do not need to suffer from having too many implants, and doctors spend less time on surgecal operation.
  6. Aesthetically appealing — with a common bridge, patients often complain that a bridge don’t look individual enough. With Malo bridges, there is no such a problem, because there are single crowns cemented together.


4. What can we do for you?



One of our doctors once sent us a dental case with 12 implants for the upper only. After that, we talked to the doctor, and recommended a better option -a pure titanium bridge with ceramic zirconia crowns. Now he loves making such work. On one hand, he does not need to spend too much time on placing implants. Neither does he have to spend so much time on fitting the implant bridges. On the other hand, patients have strong and beautiful fixed restorations, while do not have to sufer a lot from surgery.



Our experienced technicians can also make the whole work nice, even if the dental case is with undesirable implant positions. Simply text us and explore more solutions for your special dental work.