Best Dental Implants

  • Offers the best retention, highly durable

  • Easy to maintain oral health, and aesthetically appealing

  • It ranges from Screw-Retained Implant Case, Cement Retained Implant Case, Standard Abutments, Custom Abutments, CAD/CAM Implant Bridges

  • 5 years warranty guarantee

Dental Implants Company

  • Supply different types of screw-retained implant cases, cement-retained implant cases, standard abutments, custom abutments, CAD/CAM implant bridges.

  • 5 years warranty support

  • 4 days Turnround time

  • Several ways for manufacture Zirconia Crowns like CAD/ CAM, Traditional Way

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Equipment & Material

Robust Dental Implants Specification

Product: Dental Implants
Common Implant systems: Dentium, Zimmer, ITI, Nobel, Osstem, Astra, Straumann, etc.
Optional crowns and bridges Zirconia, E.max. Composite, PFM
Material for custom abutments: Whitepeaks (Titanium Block), Sagemax (Zirconia Block)
In-lab time for crowns: 4 days
In-lab time for over 5-unit bridges: 5 days
Way of manufacturing: CAD/ CAM/ Traditional Way
Design software: 3 Shape
Our scanning device: Shining 3D
CAD/CAM milling machine: imes-icore 350i
Milling device for standard abutments: Bredent-BF2
Warranty: 5 years
MOQ: 1 Case

Why 500+ Dentist Choose Dental Implants From Robust

Dental Implants Company FAQ

At Robust Dental, our 15-year success price is 95% for both dental implants and remediations.

It is n’t complicated to care your Zirconia dental crown. Here are some tips to help it last as long as possible:

  • Maintain good oral hygiene – A dental crown itself can’t get a cavity, but the existing tooth structure underneath it can. Be sure to gently but thoroughly brush and floss, especially around the gum line where your natural tooth is exposed.
  • See us for regular checkups – If a cavity or other problem does develop, we can usually catch and treat it early to extend the life of the crown.
  • Wear a nightguard if necessary – A nightguard can prevent clenching and grinding forces from chipping or cracking a crown (and protects your natural teeth at the same time).
  • Watch your habits and dietary choices – Avoid chewing or biting on anything hard, such as ice, pens, or hard candy.

For most cases, we offer a 7-day turnaround time with traditional impressions and models. For digital cases, the turnaround time is 5 days. However, there is a time difference depending on the complexity of cases. Please download our full Turnaround Time for details.

Robust has at least one leader in each process, thoroughly checking each dental case before moving to the next procedure. The final inspection for 100% dental work ensures that all our dental cases leave our lab in perfect condition. Our highly experienced QC technicians employ the latest equipment to test fitting, occlusion, contact, finishing, and aesthetics, which has won us high satisfaction rates among customers.

We don’t request minimum order, but we pay for return shipping, only if the value of your cases each time exceeds 600 USD.

We only pay for one-way shipping. For example, you always pay for shipping to us.

We pay for the return shipping, only if the value of your cases each time exceeds 600 USD. Otherwise, we would have to charge shipping back.

When sending packages to us, you are allowed to use our UPS account, which can help you save shipping costs, due to our better discounts.

Best Dental Implants – Definitive Guide

Implant restoration can be considered when a patient has a missing tooth. Dentists insert an implant deep into the patient’s gum tissue. The implant is connected to an abutment, which can be considered a prepared tooth. Then a crown can seat on the abutment. This restoration is more expensive and time-consuming, but patients like its remarkable benefits.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are a tooth substitute alternative. To comprehend what an implant it helps to think about the dental implant in its three distinctive parts:

The dental implant body is inserted right into the bone of the jaw. The dental implant body is typically screw-like and also is made of pure titanium, a titanium alloy, or zirconia, which is all-ceramic. The dental implant body normally is hollow in the center, which assists keep the future crown that will certainly be coupled with it.

The produced crown will certainly serve as a substitute for the tooth. The crown can be made of metal, porcelain integrated to metal, or all-ceramic.

The abutment, an intermediate item, to link the crown to the dental implant. The abutment is a personalized item that can be made of titanium, gold alloy, or a combination of titanium and an all-ceramic crown.

Types of dental implant

Dental implants can be divided into screw-retained implant cases, cement-retained implant cases, standard abutments, custom abutments, CAD/CAM implant bridges.

Custom abutments

Custom abutments offer remarkable advantages:

1. Customized angle: Correct the deviation of implant positions and implant
2. Customized gingival height: Getting a proper bonding interface and plant health
3. Customized gingival shape: Preservation and support of the shape of soft tissues, making aesthetic effects possible
4. If affecting the bonding strength due to lack of intermaxillary distance, the base platform can be made

Screw-Retained Implant Case

Dentists often ask for a screw-retained implant system. It is easy to handle clinically. Also, it is good for patients. For example, if there is
something wrong with the restoration, the dentist can remove the screw, and take the crown out easily.

Standard Abutments

Dentists send standard abutments to us. We mill the abutments to properly mount crowns. It is more cost-effective than custom
abutments. However, it requires the good position of the implants inserted.

CAD/CAM Implant Bridges

The whole bridge is milled out of a titanium or zirconia block and is connected to the implants by screws. The bridge increases the
strength and retention of the upper structure, providing better aesthetic and functional effects. It also makes maintenance easier.

We can provide the following frameworks
1. Titanium implant bridge
2. Zirconia implant bridge
3. Mixed bar
4. Implant bar over-denture

Cement Retained Implant Case

In many cases (usually for front teeth). dentists have to choose a cement-retained implant system. For example, if a patient’s front tooth is too protruding, the dentist has to use a cement-retained crown. Because if a screw-retained implant is used in this case, then the screw (the hole)will expose to the buccal side. It would look very unnatural

Is a dental implant painful?

Similar to any type of surgical procedure, you ought to anticipate some quantity of pain immediately adhering to the dental implant positioning. This ranges from mild to modest most of the time and also numerous individuals easily control their pain with nonprescription painkillers such as acetaminophen or Advil. If needed you can ask your dental professional to prescribe stronger pain medicine.

How long does it take a dental implant to heal?

After the dental implant is positioned, a healing period of 2-3 months is required to allow the bone to recover around the implant. Once healed, the dental implant is ready for positioning of the last repair.

Will my teeth fall out while waiting for the transplant?

Generally, your dental professional will certainly make a temporary gadget to replace the missing tooth before you leave the workplace. We choose a repaired momentary or when possible, a removable tool. Sometimes we can use the dental implant to prompt place a short-term device and also this treatment is called ‘Pearly whites in A Day.

Will I have to remain to see the dentist after I have dental implants positioned?

Your dental upkeep timetable needs not to require to be changed once you have the dental implant.

How long will dental implants last?

For durability, it’s important to think of the dental implant as 2 separate parts. The remediation, whether a crown or even denture, can crack. In these instances, new remediation can be made and also positioned on the existing dental implant body. If there is a problem with the dental implant body itself, such as a dental implant infection, dental implant fracture, or dental implant denial, the dental implant surgical treatment process should be done again. At Robust Dental our 15-year success price is 95% for both dental implants and remediations.

Am I too old for dental implants?

You can be also young for dental implants, however, you can never ever be also old!

Why pick dental implants over dentures?

The bones of your jaw require excitement to preserve their shapes and size. The bone of your jaw gets this from sticking to the roots of your all-natural tooth. When a tooth or multiple teeth are shed, the bone cells of the jaw start to liquify or reabsorb around that area. With time this can change the shape of the jaw and the fit of the dentures. A dental implant duplicates the roots of your teeth and also maintains face structure.

Can I conveniently with implants?

Your final remediation will mimic your all-natural teeth and also many clients report no problem with eating.

What occurs if I postpone dental implant surgery?

People shed teeth for a selection of factors including injury and also damage because of tooth decay. Once the tooth is eliminated from your jaw, the bone under it is no longer boosted and also starts to reabsorb. If too much bone has been reabsorbed, positioning the dental implant will need more product (normally a bone graft) to appropriately put and also seat the dental implant.

How much do dental implants expense?

This will certainly rely on the sort of products used for both the dental implant itself and also the last restoration. Dr. Obeid will certainly review the choices as well as regular prices throughout your complimentary examination.

Why are dental implants expensive?

Dental implants can seem like a pricey venture yet are normally extra affordable in the long term as a result of their long life. Other tooth replacement choices such as a bridge or dentures will usually need upkeep or substitute multiple times and ultimately these options bring about bone loss.

Will my insurance cover my dental implants?

We will certainly enjoy submitting to your insurance company: due to the fact that we do not get involved with insurances, any insurance policy repayments will be sent directly to you.

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