Robust Zirconia Crowns & Bridge

  • Highly biocompatible (even better than gold alloy), allergy-free

  • Durable, extremely strong, highly ideal for a long bridge

  • High translucency, the second most natural looking

  • It ranges from layered zirconia, full zirconia, multi-layer full zirconia

  • 5 years warranty guarantee

China Zirconia Crowns Manufacturing Service

Zirconia Crowns is a type of all-ceramic (metal free) restoration. With the advancement of technologies, making zirconia cases has become fairly mature. It contains laser scanning, computer designing, and computer-aided manufacturing.

Robust has specialized in producing different types of Zirconia Crowns, including layered zirconia, full zirconia, multi-layer full zirconia. All our Zirconia Crowns have 5 years warranty. Several ways are available in Robust to produce the Zirconia Crowns, like CAD/ CAM, Traditional Way, our in-lab manufacturing time is as soon as 4 days.

Zirconia Crowns Types

Layered Zirconia

For front teeth, we suggest using layered zirconia. It means that we build a porcelain coating on the zirconia coping. A layered zirconia crown is not as strong as a full zirconia crown, but it looks very natural because of its high translucency on the incisal.

Full Zirconia

Usually for back teeth, we recommend choosing full contour zirconia. It means that the whole crown is zirconia — there is no porcelain coating. It is not as natural looking as a layered zirconia, but it is more durable. It is suitable for back teeth, which need to withstand strong chewing force.

Multi-layer Full Zirconia

It is milled out of a block of multi-layer zirconia material. There is no need for porcelain coating and staining. It is good both for front and back teeth, and contains the positive effects of full zirconia and layered zirconia – strong, more life-like shades, and high translucency. Yet,it is not as strong as a full zirconia crown.

Robust Zirconia Crowns Specification

Product: Zirconia crowns/ Bridges
Default material for zirconia copings: Aidite from China (with FDA/ CE certifications)
Alternative material for zirconia copings: Segamax/ Weiland
Material for ceramic: Cerabien ZR (CE 0120)
In-lab manufacturing time: 4 days
Way of manufacturing: CAD/ CAM
Design software: 3 Shape
Our scanning device: Shining 3D
Our model printing machine: MoonRay
Our milling machines: Roland DWX- 51D/  X-mill 220
Warranty: 5 years
MOQ: 1 case

Equipment & Material

Why Purchasing Zirconia Crowns From Robust

Reliable Quality

In order to keep high and stable quality, Robust invests a lot in the latest technologies. We try to depend least on human labors for all cases, because machines offer the most stable performance and best precision, thus ensuring low remake rates. We also use internationally-recognized materials, so as to meet European and American standards.

Fast Turnaround

Having a 2,000-square-meter workshop and the capacity of processing 10,000 dental cases each month Our staff works 24 hours (three shifts) and 7 days. So your cases can be quickly finished even if you send a large volume to us. The turnaround time is often for 7 days. we are able to provide the same care for overseas dental labs and independent dentists.

Competitive Price

For some cases, the cost can even be as much as 50% less, compared to that of dental labs in developed countries, while maintaining the same quality.

Great Materials

We use FDA-approved materials for all dental cases. The materials we use are well-known brands such as Bego©, Argen©, Ivoclar-Vivadent©, Heraeus Kulzer©, and Valplast©.

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    Zirconia Crowns FAQ

    For most cases, we offer a 7-day turnaround time with traditional impressions and models. For digital cases, the turnaround time is 5 days. However, there is a time difference depending on the complexity of cases. Please download our full Turnaround Time for details.

    We only pay for one-way shipping. For example, you always pay for shipping to us.

    We only pay for one-way shipping. For example, you always pay for shipping to us.

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