Want to learn more about dentures because you recently discovered that you need dentures to maintain oral health? The more you know about your denture options, the more likely you are to make the choice that suits you. The more popular dentures people choose now include traditional dentures, partial dentures, custom dentures and implant dentures.

1. All dentures are different

Do you think all dentures are the same? Although all dentures are used to fill teeth for those who are missing or missing teeth, different types of dentures work differently.

For example, traditional dentures are placed on the gums and fixed by sucking, and implant dentures are fixed by connecting with several implants. As for partial dentures, you can choose between fixed dentures and removable dentures.

2. Will wearing dentures affect the way a person speaks?

Yes, dentures may affect the way a person speaks. Although it does take some time for people to get used to wearing new dentures, it only takes a short time to get used to daily activities while wearing dentures.

The following information includes tips for new denture wearers to help them speak clearly while wearing dentures.

3. Practice speaking loudly at home before going out

People who wear dentures should practice speaking loudly the first time they wear dentures. This lets them know which words are more difficult to pronounce after wearing dentures.

Encourage new wearers to practice speaking loudly for a few days, making sure to write down any necessary notes, the types of words they need to practice.

4. Looking at a magazine or book in the mirror

People who wear dentures can see how they look when they talk to the new dentures by reading a magazine or book in front of the mirror.

This simple program can help them relearn the pronunciation of some words, which are often difficult to pronounce when speaking with dentures.

When new wearers are patient, speak slowly and relax, they will quickly learn to speak with new dentures.

5. Gently bite and swallow before speaking

People who wear dentures take a light bite before speaking, and then swallow a bite, so that the dentures can be placed in the right place so that they can speak more clearly.

For dentures, the right position is very important, because when they are right, they will stay in the right position, which makes it easier to talk.

6.Do you need to book a consultation to learn more?

When you need to wear dentures, you can experience good oral health again, which is crucial, and your choice suits your specific lifestyle.

In fact, there are many different dentures to choose from, which means you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

When you call us to make an appointment, you will receive all the information needed to make the right choice.