Some people may have a bias towards outsourcing dental cases to China. However, do you know that over 40% of dental cases throughout the world are fabricated in China? For both dentists and patients, a good dental work has five standards:

  • High quality
  • Right material
  • Good price
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Good communication

If the five requirements can be 100% guaranteed, neither a dentist nor a patient will care about whether the dental case is from a local dental lab, from a foreign country, from an individual dental agent, or even from a newly graduated technician.

What really matters is quite simple: how can you solve my problems? The fact that many cases have been sent to China each year indicates that Chinese dental labs can handle problems.

1. Quality

Chinese dental labs have been serving overseas dentists and dental labs for over three decades. During this period, Chinese technicians make far more dental cases than any technician in other countries. We can fairly say that our technicians have rich practical experiences. Besides, many foreign clients will send their technicians to the Chinese dental labs that outsource their cases, so the work is often done under the tutelage of American or European technicians.

People still argue that they receive low-quality dental cases from China. I think there are 2 reasons. First, they are lying! Leaving a false message online will virtually bring no negative results to any liar. Some people do not have outsourcing experience. They make comments only based on what they hear or what they imagine. So I suggest you to try a few cases to see the results by yourself. Second, you always ask for the lowest prices! It is true that we have relatively cheaper labor, but we are not making dental work out of nothing! So our advice is that you find dental labs with reasonable prices. You will find it very cost effective.

2. Material

It is said that Chinese dental labs use under-standard materials. I cannot deny that some dental labs do that, but most Chinese dental labs, especially those that export dental cases, will not be so foolish to ruin their business, because materials only account for little part of the whole expense. Saving such little cost will not get them rich, but will surely stop them from getting more business.

Also, if you are a dental technician, you will know that using bad materials will easily cause in-lab remakes. Comparing to high remaking rates, using good materials is always a wiser choice for Chinese dental labs.

3. Price

Outsourcing dental cases to China is much cheaper than doing it in other places while keeping high quality. There are two reasons why we can offer such a price while still making profits. First, we deal with a huge number of dental cases every month. For example, a lab like us can handle as many as 400 to 500 cases every day. Even if we only earn a little out of each case, every penny can add up. Second, we have lower-price rents materials, and labor.

4. Timing

The in-lab time for most cases is often 2 to 4 days, a much shorter time than that of other labs around the world. Chinese labs are so efficient because their employees usually work 24 hours (three shifts a day) from Monday to Sunday. With the help of well-developed international shipping services, shipping dental cases from China to the USA or to Europe is like shipping cases in their own countries. We are located in Shenzhen, a coastal city adjacent to Hong Kong. The turnaround time is 7 days for the USA and European customers.

5. Communication

Outsourcing dental work is not a one-time business. In order to maintain stable partnerships with their clients, our local labs often offer superior services. First, a good service starts with good language skills. That’s why many labs hire people who can use English well. Some may even employ those who can use other languages. Second, salespeople respond quickly. They will reply to you within minutes when it is during their work time. If there is a question or problem with your cases, they will contact you within hours. Third, our people are watching your packages closely. if there is a delay (rarely happens) caused by routine inspection in customs, we will react fast, and provide needed information for quicker customs clearance.