If you want straighter teeth, but don’t want metal braces and wires, invisible braces are a good choice. They are made of transparent plastic and are a detachable alternative to traditional metal brackets, designed around comfort and convenience.

There are many brands of dental braces on the market now, making it easier to find one that suits your lifestyle, budget and needs. Transparent braces can fix mild to moderate malocclusion (tooth misalignment). These cases include crooked teeth, overbite, underbite, and interdental space.

1.Office invisible braces vs. family invisible braces

There are two clear aligners to choose from, including office aligners and home aligners:

Invisible correction in the office requires a visit to your dentist or orthodontist throughout the treatment. Before starting treatment, you have to make an appointment to make an impression of your teeth.

Two of the best, FDA-approved in-service invisible aligners:

  • Hidden Beauty
  • Clear and correct

Home invisible aligner, also called mail aligner, does not require office visits. You have to do an online assessment. If you are a candidate, they will send your impressions to your home address. Throughout the treatment, you will make a virtual appointment with your doctor or orthodontist to ensure that your teeth move correctly. Some home appliance brands provide free retainers to keep teeth neat after treatment.

Not everyone is a good candidate for someone with a clear home. Treatment is usually only recommended for mild tooth misalignment, such as slight crowding or gaps.

2.Candidate conditions for invisible aligners

Invisible braces at home only treat minor cases of misalignment of teeth, including:

  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Slightly curved teeth
  • Small crowded teeth

If you have any of the following conditions, you may need to use invisible alignment or braces for more invasive treatment:

  • Cases of severely misaligned teeth. If your condition exceeds the range of mild to moderate malocclusion, you will be refused treatment. Malocclusion refers to “bad bite”, when your teeth are not perfectly joined together when the jaw is closed. Severe tooth misalignment, such as overbite, lower bite, or open bite, requires more invasive correction treatment with braces or edentulous correction.
  • Untreated dental conditions. If you have an untreated oral disease or are about to undergo dental treatment, you need to make sure that these problems are resolved first. This includes tooth decay, gum disease and similar conditions. Your teeth and gums must be healthy enough before cleaning and alignment treatments begin.
  • Existing dental restorations. Invisible braces are not compatible with certain types of dental restorations, including dental implants and bridgework.

3.Are invisible braces really useful? Are they safe?

There are different comments on the safety and effectiveness of home appliances. Many dental professionals recommend treatment in the office, rather than correction at home, because treatment is performed under personal supervision. This is not the case of family corrections.

Since home treatments are still relatively new, more research is being conducted on the risks and benefits of treatments.

However, if you follow the instructions carefully throughout the treatment, home appliances are generally considered safe. In fact, according to a study, about 88% of respondents are satisfied with their home correction treatment. Most patients choose remote alignment instead of traditional treatment because of cost and convenience.

Remember: home appliances cannot treat serious misalignments. If your teeth are severely curved, you may need braces or invisible correction.

To help you choose the most suitable contact lens for your needs, our experts have compiled the following most popular brands in Robust:

4.Best invisible braces (at home)

The five best invisible braces at home or in the mail include:

Frank: best overall

Unlike other mail-in appliances, Candid only works with licensed orthodontists. Many general dentists also offer orthodontic treatment options, but orthodontists are orthodontists. Investing candidly aim to ensure you get the highest quality telecare available.

You can start Candid aligner treatment in two different ways:

  • Order an impression kit online and make impressions yourself. If you choose to shoot at home, Candid will provide you with a step-by-step video to ensure that you are shooting correctly. These instructions are very in-depth and easy to follow.
  • Go to the studio for professional scanning and X-ray inspection. If you go to the Candid studio for a scan, a professional will perform an impression and x-ray examination of your teeth. If you have an honest studio in your area, use it to ensure you get the best care and results possible.

Once you start treatment, you can use Candid’s mobile app, which is a complete remote dental service. You will use the app to send photos in progress and use the scan box to include in your treatment package every two weeks. This box is connected to your mobile phone to take detailed images of tooth movement. You can also set up notifications on your phone to ensure that you will not miss the scan date.

After you submit the photo, you will receive a reply from your orthodontist within a few hours. They will let you know if the next step is safe. You can also use this app to connect to the orthodontist at any time.

** Candid is the only brand that provides in-depth remote dental services through apps (applicable to iOS and Android).

Does Candid provide night connection service?

Candid does not have a “night alignment” option. This is because there is no evidence that night owls are effective; they may actually do more harm to your teeth than good.

According to Dr. C Lynn Hurst, Chief Dental Officer of Candid, “Because night orthodontic treatment protocols generally only stipulate a wear time of 10 hours per day, I am worried that you may never feel the continuous light force necessary for effective and healthy tooth movement. ”

  • Cost: 2,400 yuan (ordinary aligner)
  • Treatment time: 6 to 11 months
  • Monthly payment plan: US$99 per month for 24 months (not including down payment)

NewSmile: The best budget

NewSmile is one of the most affordable home beauticians, but they are also one of the newest companies.

Unlike most home appliances, NewSmile appliances do not touch the gums. They are trimmed into a “scallop” to fit comfortably on your gum line. “This design not only reduces irritation, but also makes the tray less conspicuous.”

Once you receive the impression kit, you should receive an email to make an appointment with the impression expert. In this video call, they will introduce you to the entire process to ensure accuracy. You can send photos during tooth movement through the NewSmile app to ensure that the teeth move correctly.

  • Cost: 1,195 yuan (ordinary aligner) to 1,295 yuan (night aligner)
  • Treatment time: 4 ~ 10 months
  • Starts at 84 dollars per month for a monthly payment plan

Byte®: the fastest treatment

The average treatment time of the Byte aligner is 3 to 6 months, and Hyperbyte is used every day. Superbyte is a special tooth movement acceleration device that uses HFV (High Frequency Vibration) to safely straighten teeth twice.

You can choose to buy byte aligners all day or night. The treatment is completely remote. You will order a mailed impression kit and perform a virtual inspection throughout the treatment.

Every purchase of a tooth whitening kit (BrightByte) is also included.

  • Cost: $1895 (ordinary orthoses) to $2,245 (night orthoses)
  • Treatment time: 3 ~ 6 months
  • Monthly payment plan: starting from US$83 per month for 29 months (not including down payment)

SmileDirectClub: The first email-in alignment

SmileDirectClub is a pioneer in the mail alignment industry and is still the most widely known. Smile Direct provides clear alignment during the day and night, depending on your preference. You can go to the SmileShop to do the 3D scan yourself, or you can order a set of home printing tools.

  • Cost: $1950 (normal or luminous)
  • Treatment time: 4 ~ 6 months
  • Monthly payment plan: Starting at USD 89 per month (not including down payment)

ALIGNERCO: Another budget option

ALIGNERCO provides the cheapest invisible aligner on the market. To start the orthodontic process, the first step is to order an impression kit online. These packages are only $39.99.

Although they are more affordable, they are a new company with fewer reviews than Candid. They also cannot work directly with orthodontists and dentists.

  • Cost: 1,145 yuan (ordinary orthosis) to 1,345 yuan (night orthosis)
  • Treatment time: 6 ~ 12 months
  • Monthly payment plan: starting from US$86 per month (not including down payment)

SnapCorrect: The clearest and most affordable aligner

The SnapCorrect aligner is very clear, almost transparent. They also have contoured edges, which provide a discreet and comfortable fit. When starting treatment, you need to order a set of impression tools online, use the provided putty to make an impression of your teeth, and then send the tools back. You will receive the first set of aligners in the mail within four weeks.

  • Cost: $1749
  • Treatment time: about 6 months
  • Monthly payment plan: starting from US$80 per month for 24 consecutive months (not including down payment)

5.Best invisible aligner (in-service)

The two best invisible braces for the job include:

Hidden Beauty

Invisalign is the most widely known invisible aligner. These tooth aligners are made of SmartTrack® material, which is specifically designed for the Invisalign system. This material claims to provide a more accurate and comfortable fit. It can only be used by your dentist or orthodontist, not online.

With Invisalign, you can move your teeth very precisely, but it is the most expensive aligner available.

  • Cost: $3,000 to $8,000
  • Treatment time: 12 ~ 18 months
  • Monthly payment plan: starting from US$50 per month for 36 months (not including down payment)

6.What is the best alternative to invisible alignment?

The best Invisalign alternative is:

Clearly correct

ClearCorrect is the best alternative to Invisalign. These aligners are made of 0.030″ polyurethane to achieve challenging tooth movement. They are also anti-fouling and anti-cracking, are manually checked by a qualified dentist, and are laser marked to ensure traceability. Similar to Invisalign, ClearCorrect starts treatment An office assessment is required before.

ClearCorrect provides controllable single-tooth movement, but is more expensive than mail aligners.

  • Cost: $2500 to $5500
  • Treatment time: depending on whether you choose limited 6, limited 12, unlimited or Flex treatment
  • Payment plan: Flex (pay for each orthosis), unlimited (5 years of uniform rate of orthosis + one set of retainer), limited 6, limited 12 (fixed rate of orthosis + one set of retainer)

7.FAQs for invisible braces

Are invisible braces really useful?

Transparent alignment therapy has existed for more than 20 years. With the advancement of 3D modeling, video conferencing, and digital cameras, it is safe and effective to create a clear alignment treatment plan for the home.

Is the clear alignment worth it?

If you are looking for a faster, more invisible, and more comfortable alternative to traditional braces, transparent braces are the ideal choice. Unlike braces, it is easier to brush and floss your teeth and maintain better oral hygiene. This way you are less likely to get tooth decay and you can eat more comfortably. Remember, you must wear it for 22 hours a day to be effective.

What is the cheapest invisible braces?

The cheapest invisible corrector companies are SnapCorrect ($1749) and ALIGNERCO ($1145), while Invisalign’s invisible corrector sells for up to $8,000.

Does dental insurance cover orthodontic appliances?

In some cases, your insurance company may pay a portion of the cost for a clear alignment. You must work directly with your insurance company to determine the amount of insurance.

How long will the treatment take?

Depending on the type of orthosis, treatment may take 2 to 24 months. Byte provides the fastest processing, while Invisalign is usually the longest.

Are invisible orthoses more expensive than metal stents?

It depends on the situation. The price of metal braces is generally between US$1,800 and US$5,500. The price of Invisalign aligners ranges from US$3,000 to US$5,000, while the price of home aligners ranges from US$1200 to US$2400.