Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that can significantly reduce tooth staining. Treatment by a professional dentist is a safe and effective method, and good results can be seen.

Want to learn more about professional teeth whitening? When considering this treatment option, it is best to be familiar with all the facts. This article outlines some common questions about the whitening process.

The following are questions that patients often ask about teeth whitening. These answers may be helpful when considering whether to whiten your teeth. Read on to learn more about what to expect from this process.

1.Is tooth whitening safe?

Yes, Many people think that tooth whitening is not safe, which is far from the truth.

Professional teeth whitening is very safe. It is important to understand that overuse is harmful.

During the whitening process, tooth enamel will be temporarily stripped, and if excessive, it may be harmful to the teeth for a long time.

2.Will the effect of teeth whitening last forever?

Unfortunately, no. However, the effect of teeth whitening can last for 5 to 10 years. Patients with good oral health habits are more likely to see lasting results. Brushing your teeth after each meal and avoiding serious staining of drinks and food will help to make the effect lasting.

3.Is the sensitivity normal?

Yes, it is well known that teeth whitening can cause slight sensitivity during and after the process. Products used for whitening contain hydrogen peroxide, which is used to remove tooth enamel.

When the stains on the enamel are removed, the teeth will become more fragile, which may cause the teeth to be temporarily sensitive to hot and cold items.

4.How often can I do teeth whitening?

Moderation is the key to professional teeth whitening. Most dentists recommend an operation every five to six months based on the patient’s condition. Excessive use can lead to long-term sensitivity and unhealthy teeth.

5.At what age can teeth whitening occur?

In most cases, teeth whitening is performed during adolescence. Dentists do not recommend teeth whitening for children or patients who still have baby teeth. Adults are usually the best candidates for this type of surgery because their teeth have matured and have been stained for many years.

6.Is there a way to make teeth whitening effect lasting?

The patient can do something to make the teeth whitening effect lasting.

Some of the best methods include:

  • Brush your teeth after meals
  • Avoid heavily colored beverages such as wine, tea or coffee
  • Make regular cleaning appointments with your dental hygienist
  • Avoid staining mouthwash

Teeth whitening surgery is good for your smile. Any questions or concerns about this treatment you can ask your dentists.