If you have a period of understanding of the denture market in Shenzhen, China, you will also feel worried when purchasing your dental cases. It supplies 40% dental cases worldwide, you can get a great dental product at a very competitive price, however, you may also get a poor-quality dental case with a high price.

Nearly 90% of dental labs are small factories, so the service quality is also very uneven. Robust know well that the details will affect the quality dental products very well, it helps us win one and one client.

1. Client Background

We meet this client in May 2020, it comes from Europe. He is a very professional dental technician with 30 years of experience, this is his first trial to establish his dental business. If he can find a reliable dental lab to support him to control the product’s quality, it can help them expand their business smoothly in Europe.

The problem is that the client can’t come to China to visit the factory because of the novel coronavirus. Choosing a reliable dental supplier becomes difficult for him in this condition.

2. Examine requirements

The clients have a dental case that needs to all on five. That is to use CAD/CAM technology to cut pure titanium bar and polymerized porcelain on it. This is a big case, if there is no experienced technician to handle it, it’s very easy to appear remaking problem.

Robust dental lab usually does more production processes than any other factory to guarantee quality. At the same time, the price is also a bit higher. The client was not happy with our offer, so we give him the second solution, the CoCr bridge is cut without CAD/CAM technology and cast by hand.

Quality or price, it is always a hard choice for business. Our client still wants to do a pure titanium bar, because it is lighter, and has better biocompatibility, but he doesn’t know what is the right price? This is the first trial to start his dental business, he needs a good quality dental product to win the trust of the dentist.

We suggest the clients do some common dental implants first to test the quality and have time to check our service. Although the customer had a good impression of us, he was still afraid to try. We totally understand our clients, he needs to responsible for his clients, just like we have a responsibility for our clients.

3. Solving a small problem for the client

The orders keep stagnating until we help the client solved a small problem. One day in June, our clients told us that he needs to build a website, can we help him to think of a domain for him. This thing is nothing to do with the order, but we feel happy because our clients trust us. We promise him that we’ll back to him soon.

Choosing a domain name should not be sloppy, because it represents the customer’s corporate image. Finally, we provide four domain names for the client to choose from. We choose a domain name based on four principles.

  • It can display the customer’s industry in the domain name
  • The domain name is not too long, convenient for others to remember;
  • 3the domain name reads loudly;
  • not too expensive

I write them to the word document and explain their meaning with a 4-page article. All these things were done in one morning, my client was very surprised about the efficiency and the quality. We still don’t know whether the client has adopted our idea or not, but we received a message 3 days later, it said that he decided to cooperate with us.

4. Get the order

We are very happy to see the message, not only because we get the order, but also our clients trust us through these details. Sometimes, we have done a small thing carefully in the eyes of others, he believes that we can do something bigger.