How many China dental suppliers have you abandon due to the quality and delivery time problem? Although many famous dental labs said that their dental cases are made in the local factories, the invisible fact is that nearly 90% of dental cases are made in China.

This is a secret in the dentures industry, choosing a reliable China dental lab can guarantee both the dentures’ quality and competitive price. Whoever can provide better quality dental cases or better delivery time, will win more customers.

Robust has a complete set of standardized procedures to keep improving the quality and delivery time, standardized production, and standardized management. This standardized procedure enables our customer retention rate to reach 97%. We’ll show two parts, standardized production, and standardized management.

Standardized Production

  • Mechanized operation

We try our best to use machines to produce dental cases, it helps us to get a precise denture.

As early as in 2017, our factory introduced a metal printing machine, so we solved the problem of warping and deformation of the metal bridge during sintering. Besides, using metal printing can solve the crack porcelain problem caused by bubbles, because the metal inner crown is almost free from bubbles

We use 4-axis and 5-axis zirconia lathes. 4-axis lathes allow us to cut single crown or short bridge more quickly. For long Bridges with large dews, 5-axis lathes with more accurate cutting can help us produce satisfactory dental cases at one time.

Even for E.max crown and veneers, we cut out the waxes and then take them to the casting. Because of the high precision, the car porcelain department can finish their job more quickly and the products are beautiful. We also have lathes that can cut personalized base stations, bar CARDS, and All on Four products.

By introducing these machines, we can not only meet the different requirements of our customers but also make dentures more accurately and quickly, ensuring an ultra-low rework rate and punctual delivery time.

  • Uniform Standards

No matter for a fixed dental restoration or removable dental restoration, we will produce it according to the international standards. In every department of our dental lab, production standard documents and special customer requirements are posted in a conspicuous place for technicians to refer at any time.

For example, in the mold repair department, there will be a document requiring the technician to use a magnifying glass for each step of the work.

  • Signature system

After the process is completed, the technician needs to sign in the back of the design sheet, and enter the sheet into the computer. Then place the denture in the inspection waiting area.

A supervisor will check the finished products, if there is no problem, he will also sign and enter the order into the computer. All the things are finished, then it goes to the next step.

With this signature system, the production manager can track the product very easily. If there is any remaking case, the production manager can quickly find the problem and solve it in the shortest time.

  • Quality Control

Any special requirements from our customers will be posted in our quality control department. If the dental cases do not reach the quality standard, it must be taken back to be modified or redone. Sometimes, a dental case was remade 2 or 3 times, the goods will not send to the customer until we are satisfied.

Standardized Management

Standardized management is the base to guarantee the quality and delivery time. A lot of small dental labs in China lose their clients due to greed, even their production capacity has reached its limit, they still receive new orders. Robust dental always follow our standardized management, it let us win one and one clients.

  • “Quality First, Credit First” Principle

“Quality first. Credit first” is the most important corporate culture in our company. The customers that don’t match our production management will be refused by us, although they may have a big order.

For example, some customers place his order on Monday afternoon, but they asked us to ship the goods at noon on Thursday, or even on Wednesday evening. If the delivery time is too tight, we cannot do the remaking in the factory. The quality of the dental case made in this way is definitely not up to standard.

If the orders have reached our production limitation, and there is no suitable new staff at present, we will refuse the orders to guarantee the quality.

If we promise our customers, we will deliver it absolutely. Word of mouth is very important to our business.

  • Keep good communication

Every year, Robust refuses some clients without communication. It’s a hard thing, no supplier is willing to give up their customers, give up the profits. However, cooperation without communication will influence the quality directly.

For example, some clients don’t like the communication with us for the details during the production, when some remaking dental cases happened, they just angry and don’t say reasons for remaking, directly say the quality is not good.

During the whole production, our sales and engineers will keep communicating with our clients, and update the production process regularly. If there is any doubt about the orders, we will contact the clients by email, telephone, or even video call.

We are very happy to listen and take advice from our clients. Do the goods well in quality and quantity is our first duty. We need good communication to guarantee the production runs smoothly.

  • Old Customers First

Unlike other dental suppliers in China, Robust always arranges the most experienced technicians to make the orders from old customers first. We don’t want to use a special service to win the new clients and let them worry about their order when they become our old customers.

Our quality is good enough to please the new clients, what we need to do is to guarantee the quality and delivery time.

Robust standardized process guarantees us a great quality dental case and a VIP service for our clients. Up to 2020, our client retention rate is up to 97%. We will keep maintain and optimize to make our customers benefit forever.