More and more overseas dental labs and dentists send us digital dental cases. Among which there is a big proportion of digital dental implant work. But clients face some problems with such implant cases, especially for the first time. Today we are going to talk about solutions for digital implant cases.

1.Use our scan bodies

This is the simplest way! You let us know what implant systems you often use. We will match scan bodies in lab and send to you by Express. You use our scan bodies, send oral scans, and let us know what implant systems you use for the digital implant work. Then we can do everything in our lab.

2. Let us know your implant libraries in detail

As a professional dental lab, Robust has a big file that holds different brands of implant libraries. When sending us oral scans, please let us know your implant libraries in detail (For example: MIS_C1_NA). Normally, if you are using common implant systems, we can just match correct implant libraries and digital analogs in our lab.

3. Need your implant libraries and digital analogs

This could be more complex. If we cannot match implant libraries for your digital implant case in lab, please email your implant libraries in detail (For example: MIS_C1_NA). If you are not sure, please go to your dental suppliers who sold you scan bodies.

In some cases, we might also need your digital analogs. Please ship these dental implant parts BY EXPRESS. For the first time working with such digital cases, it seems to be a bit complicated. However, when we have your digital analogs, we will keep them for future use after we finish the work. In other words, we will send back only printed models, abutments, screws and crowns. We will leave your digital analogs in our lab for future use. So it requires only one time for you to send digital analogs by post.

4. You place dental abutments before scanning

You trim standard abutments and place them in the patient’s mouth first. Then you scan with abutments on. In this case, the dental abutments serve as your preparations for crowns and bridges. The only problem is that your abutments cannot be personalized, if some positions of implants are not desirable.

Working with digital implant cases will be a trend and can be very easy. Please contact Robust Dental for your personalized dental solutions.