Wisdom teeth usually appear between late adolescence and early adulthood. However, 60% of people had wisdom tooth extractions. Both oral surgeons and general dentists are qualified to remove wisdom teeth.

In most cases, wisdom teeth are pulled out before they grow out. Tooth extractions are usually necessary because there is not enough space in the mouth for them to erupt properly. Improper eruption of the third molar may lead to infection or impacted teeth.

40% of people have all four wisdom teeth. 25% of people are born with one to three wisdom teeth.

1.Risks of removing wisdom teeth

The risks of wisdom tooth extraction surgery include:

  • Pain near the injection site (for intravenous sedation)
  • Bleeding and swelling
  • Pain in jaw and teeth
  • Insensitive lower lip
  • Dry nest (when the blood clot falls off the site of removal during the healing process)
  • Permanent (rare) or temporary numbness in the mouth

2.Uninsured wisdom tooth extraction costs

Even if the four wisdom teeth show no signs of infection, the oral and maxillofacial surgeon will recommend that they be removed. If only one wisdom tooth is painful or infected, all four wisdom teeth may need to be removed. However, patients can always choose to keep their wisdom teeth.

Without insurance, the average cost of removing wisdom teeth is expensive. This is especially true if you are paying out of your pocket.

The average total cost of removing wisdom teeth without insurance is as follows:

  • Simple tooth extraction $75-$200 (per tooth) $300-$1000 (all four teeth)
  • Surgical tooth extraction (soft tissue impaction)-US$225-600 (per tooth)-US$800-1800 (all four)
  • Surgical extraction (bone impaction)-250-500 USD (per tooth)-1000-2300 USD (all four)

Some oral surgeons offer discounts for removing all four wisdom teeth at once. You can save $1,000 or more on wisdom tooth extraction.

Before the operation, your dentist will check for signs of gum disease and take panoramic X-ray or CBCT images. General anesthesia and intravenous sedation (dusk sedation) are available for those who wish to be sedated during surgery. These drugs can reduce anxiety and make you fall asleep during the operation. If you want to remove all four wisdom teeth, dentists usually offer “package discounts” on these services.

3.Does dental insurance cover wisdom tooth extraction?

The insurance coverage for wisdom tooth removal depends on your dental insurance plan. Most insurance companies bear 80% of the cost of wisdom teeth extraction.

Although this is a good option, most dental insurance plans have an annual payment limit (usually around $1500). Many people divide the operation time into two years to get more insurance.

4.Two other ways to save money to extract wisdom teeth

Dental insurance can be expensive. There are other ways to remove wisdom teeth without insurance.

1) Payment plan

If you do not have insurance, payment plans are another way to save money. Some oral surgeons and general dentists may let you pay part of the cost of the operation within a few months. You can pay directly to your dentist or surgeon instead of using insurance.

2) Discount dental plan

The dental discount program is a great way to save money on wisdom tooth extractions. There are several types of dental insurance to choose from. They all have similar benefits:

  • Members can enjoy discounts on dental treatment throughout the year without having to pay monthly insurance
  • You only need to pay a lower annual fee instead of paying monthly
  • You will have the opportunity to visit a network of dentists who offer discounted prices for members of the dentist plan
  • No approval or application form required-you will bring your ID to the dentist to save on treatment costs

Dental plans are a popular dental discount option, offering 20% ​​to 50% of the cost of dental care. Unlike insurance, there is no annual expenditure limit for dental work. Patients only need to pay a lower annual fee to use their plan to save on treatment costs throughout the year.

5.FAQ for Wisdom tooth extraction costs

How much does it cost to remove 4 wisdom teeth?

The cost of removing four wisdom teeth at a time ranges from US$300 to US$2500. The cost depends on whether you have insurance and the type of mining. Simple extraction is cheaper than shock extraction.

Should I have 2 or 4 wisdom teeth removed?

Even if you only have one or two problematic wisdom teeth, your dentist or dentist may recommend removing all four wisdom teeth.

Can you extract your wisdom teeth without insurance?

Yes. You can extract a wisdom tooth without insurance, but it will be more expensive.