Today we would like to compare our Emax crown to that from another dental lab. Last week, our dentist sent us a remake E.max case. It was originally made by another lab, but he asked us to make it right as soon as possible, becasue he trusted us on quality and turnaround time.

1. Examine requirements

On the lab sheet, the dentist mentioned it was for a 3/4 Emax onlay, and asked to cover the lingual margin. After casting the stone models, we could see the lingual side was obviously prepared, and it was fine for a 3/4 onlay.

2. Our stone models

Robust dental stone models

Please check our working model on the above right picture. The margins are very clear, which lays a great foundation for a nice crown. In Robust dental, having ability to read margins is as important as having ability for aesthetics. We know that dentists are very busy. We don’t want our dentists to spend hours on fitting, contacts or occlusion. In Robust dental, if our technicians are unsure about the margins, we will talk to customers, in order to avoid mistakes.

3. Our Emax crown V.S. Emax crown from another lab

Emax crown comparison

We quickly finished the case. Now let’s compare the 2 crowns: the crown on the left is from the other lab, while the crown on the right is from us. The lingual side from the other lab is obviously too short. We think there are two reasons for this problem.

  1. Poor technique. Technicians from the lab could not read margins clearly. Their lack of experience leads to this poor dental case. It seems that the case comes from the hands of apprentices.
  2. Poor quality control. Good quality control will find this problem, and fix it directly in the lab. In Robust dental, we never let this kind of work go to the hands of customers.

Robust Emax crown

Besides, our E.max crown looks natural at all angles and the fitting is perfect both on the study model and working model. The occlusal is full of details, which gives the entire crown a more natural looking. Even the shade appears to be better because of the authentic material that we have used. All these details make our crown outstanding.

4. Preps for E.max cases

Robust suggestion about dental models

Regarding this case, we have some suggestions about tooth preparations for E.max crowns.

  1. The edge of the preps can’t be too sharp. With an E.max crown, there is no metal support. A sharp edge could easily cause breakage.
  2. If possible, please prepare a shoulder margin, which helps bring perfect fitting.

Our customer received this E.max crown a week later, and he was finally happy about it. However, he had to pay extra for this remake case that was originally made by the other lab. A remake is not only wasting time but also wasting money. That’s why you need to work with a reliable dental lab.