The night clear aligner, also called the night aligner, is a clear aligner tray that you only wear when you sleep. These braces are specially designed for customers who have slightly crowded teeth or small gaps between teeth.

However, night braces move the teeth slower than ordinary invisible braces. There are clear brands that sell night aligners directly to consumers, including:

  • Byte®
  • NewSmile
  • SmileDirectClub

Other brands, including Invisalign, Candid Co and ClearCorrect, only sell traditional transparent aligners. Wear these aligners most of the day and when you sleep.

1.Standard alignment vs. night alignment

The main difference between traditional orthosis and night orthosis is the time of wearing and the time of treatment each day.

The traditional aligner needs to be worn for more than 22 hours a day and is only taken out when eating and cleaning. Night vision goggles should be worn for more than 10 hours a day, and the treatment time is usually longer. On average, traditional orthodontists need 4 to 6 months to straighten their teeth. Night owls take 8 to 12 months.

If you have slight to moderate spacing issues and are looking for faster treatment, traditional transparent aligners are the ideal choice. If you have smaller spacing issues and like to wear an aligner while you sleep, you may be a night aligner candidate.

Night braces are great for those who are looking for a very cautious way to correct some minor orthodontic problems. You can eat and drink easily without removing the tray, and there is no adjustment during the day. You can also incorporate your night route into your daily evening routine instead of worrying about wearing them all day.

The home clear aligner is safe, effective, and cheaper than braces. Learn more about the most popular home clear alignment kit. It is necessary to work with a clear alignment specialist and orthodontist to determine the best option.

2.How does the night clear aligner work?

In order to determine the candidacy of a night owl, you can do a test online and order an impression kit. If you are approved for treatment, you can choose to order an orthosis or skip the treatment altogether. You can take the test for free on

If you decide to order aligners, you will receive them in the mail within 2 to 4 weeks (depending on the brand). Every set of braces is slowly moving your teeth. If you wear the aligner every day and stick to it for an appropriate time (more than 10 hours), you will have a brand new smile in just 4 months.

Throughout the treatment process, you will also establish a virtual examination with a qualified dentist or orthodontist to ensure that your teeth move correctly. One of the experts supervises your treatment plan throughout. They will also show you a virtual model of your teeth reset in small increments before moving to the next set of aligners.

Just like traditional dental braces, night braces are made of thin, BPA-free plastic. It’s very comfortable to wear this kind of clothes at night.

3.Is it safe and effective to clean the aligner at night?

There are mixed reviews on the safety of home appliances. Many dentists and orthodontists always recommend treatment in the office (such as invisible correction or braces) rather than at home. This is because these treatments can be closely monitored and easier to make adjustments.

However, if you follow the instructions very carefully throughout the treatment process, home correction therapy is generally considered safe and effective. According to a study, 87.5% of respondents were satisfied with their home correction treatment, while 6.6% had to go to the dentist due to side effects after treatment.

Since home treatments are still relatively new, more research is still being conducted on the risks and benefits of treatments. The results of this procedure are generally satisfactory for most patients, and they prefer these aligners to traditional treatment due to their cost and convenience.

Direct-to-consumer orthodontics can only treat mild to moderate teeth spacing problems. Some examples include crooked teeth or small gaps between teeth. If you have moderate to severe tooth misalignment, such as overbite, underbite, or jaw problems, you may not be eligible for treatment.

4.The pros and cons of night owls

Night owls have advantages and disadvantages:


  • Flexible and discreet
  • Only wear at night, no need to wear during the day
  • Continuous wear for more than 10 hours (traditional aligner is more than 22 hours)
  • Affordable and convenient


  • Treatment time is longer than traditional orthotics
  • Only slight tooth misalignment is eligible
  • May cause greater discomfort because your teeth are often displaced
  • No accountability system for direct dentist supervision

5.Which brands provide luminous correctors?


Byte® is a clearly targeted brand directly to consumers, which means that treatment is remotely monitored. The company works with more than 200 licensed dentists, orthodontists and doctors across the United States.

Byte is one of the few brands that provide “night alignment” services. They also sell “All Day Alignment”. The night orthosis is priced at US$2,295 and the traditional orthosis is priced at US$1,895.

NewMouth recommends that if you have a slight misalignment of your teeth, you can use a clean orthodontic appliance at home. Find out if you are a candidate for a clear line.

Byte only accepts qualified patients with slight tooth misalignment. They provide each patient with a HyperByte® device, which can help accelerate tooth movement. Free tooth whitening foam is also included in every purchase.

NewMouth recommends byte® because they work with an extensive network of certified dentists and orthodontists. Read the complete review of byte aligners.


ALIGNERCO provides the cheapest invisible aligner on the market.

The cost of treatment is US$1,345 (paying US$99 for 11 months in a paid plan). Competitors of other clear aligners are more expensive (US$1800 to US$2400).

Although the price is more affordable, they are also a newer company with fewer reviews than Byte and Candid. They also cannot work directly with newsmile

NewSmile is one of the most affordable home beauticians, but they are also one of the newest companies.

They provide ordinary orthoses and night orthoses, priced at $1,295. You must wear it for more than 10 hours every night and when you sleep.

Unlike most home appliances, NewSmile appliances do not touch the gums. They are trimmed into a “scallop” to fit comfortably on your gum line. “This design not only reduces irritation, but also makes the tray less conspicuous.”

Dentists and dentists, this may affect the quality of care.


SmileDirectClub is the most well-known brand of remote cleaning aligners. You can get the impression yourself, or you can visit SmileShop for 3D image scanning.

SmileDirect provides Night Clear Alignment® and traditional clear alignment. Their prices are both $1950.

SmileDirect is not only effective for orthodontists. Treatment quality may be affected by this. Please read our article comparing Candid Co. and SmileDirect.

Final review: Which night owl is right for you?

To help you determine which night vision device best suits your needs, please compare the advantages and disadvantages of each of the following brands:

Byte vs. other brands

Byte offers the most expensive night calibration option ($2295). However, higher prices mean you will also receive more intensive remote monitoring.

Dental motion acceleration device is also included in every purchase. This device helps to speed up the treatment time.

ALIGNERCO vs. other brands

ALIGNERCO is the second cheapest night aligner option ($1345). If you have a limited budget, this is a good choice. But remember, you will not have intensive remote monitoring during the entire treatment process.

NewSmile vs. other brands

NewSmile is a relatively new family positioning brand, which means that they have fewer reviews than leading competitors. However, this company currently offers the most affordable nightly connection service ($1,295).

Similar to ALIGNERCO, NewSmile is another good budget option, but does not provide detailed remote monitoring.

SmileDirectClub vs. other brands

SmileDirectClub is the most well-known brand of aligners. This kind of night vision goggles sells for $1950. They are also the only company that provides in-person scans for night corrective treatment.

FAQ of night aligner

How much does the evening school cost?

Depending on the brand, the price of night owls ranges from US$1950 to US$2295 (one-time payment). Monthly payment plans are also available.

Does Candid Co. provide night owls?

Candid Co. is another direct-to-consumer brand. They only sell traditional aligners. However, Candid only works with orthodontists who have at least 20 years of experience in the orthodontics industry. This ensures that you receive high-quality care throughout the treatment process.

If you are interested in Candid aligners, you can do a free candidate test.

What happens if you only wear Invisalign at night?

Invisalign aligner is suitable for daytime and nightwear (over 22 hours per day). Wearing it only at night can interfere with the movement of the teeth and cause delays in the treatment time. Additional braces may be required to move the teeth to the correct position.

Is the night aligner as effective as the normal aligner?

If you wear the aligners at the recommended time, they should be effective. However, Candid Co. does not provide night adjustment services because they claim that there is not enough effectiveness research.

Who is not a candidate for a night owl?

If you only have mild to moderate tooth spacing problems, you may be a good candidate for night calibration

Are night owls expensive?

The price of night orthoses is often higher than standard orthoses (usually $100 to $200 more). However, the cost of SmileDirectClub’s night aligner is the same as the normal aligner.

How long does luminous treatment take?

Night correction treatment takes several months longer than ordinary correction treatment because they only need to be worn for half the time per day.

How many hours do I wear a night owl a day?

Wear it for more than 10 hours every night (before and while sleeping). The normal aligner wears more than 22 hours a day.