Dentists and dental labs start to send digital full dentures. For such cases, the hardest part is to get correct bite registration. Of course, dentists can send scans for wax rims only, but many dentists want to save time, and want to finish the full denture in one go. Today let’s talk about how to fastly obtain bite for digital full dentures.

1. Examine a sample case

Digital dental implant case

Let us take a look at a digital file like this. It is a full mouth digital implant case, so the principle is the same as a digital full denture case. In the case, there are 3 scans. One is without any teeth; one is with dental abutments, and one is with upper and lower temporary bridges. The patient is comfortable with the current temporary bridges, so the dentist asks to copy the current bite. However, this is not working for measuring the bite. By only seeing temporary bridges in the scan, we cannot decide where is the gum and where the bridges begin.

2. Make wax rims for digital full dentures

Wax rims for digital full denture

In order to save shipping time, we suggest that dentists make wax rims in house.  The wax rims do not have to be good looking, becasue they are mainly functional. Let us check the above pictures. Thoses are the wax rims perticularly for digital full dentures. There is no wax at the upper and lower front. It is to show the gum tissue and where is the wax rims. After patients try the wax rims, doctors make adjustments and mark on wax rims. Then it is time for oral scans. With such scans, we can finish the full dentures directly. Please note that doctors should send some pictures with the patient’s smiling face, so we can check mid-lines.

3. Example of wax rims for digital full dentures

Digital scans for acrylic full dentures

It is a real case from one of our doctors. In the scan, we can easily distinguish gum tissue from the wax rims. Our dental technicians will match the bite on the computer, and print 3D models with correct occlusion. With such scans, the final results are always satisfactory.

In conclusion, this method helps doctors save shipping time and shipping cost. Also, it greatly reduces chances of wax distortion during transport. However, if doctors ask to make wax rims only first, we are surely fine with that.