Byte® is a brand of “at home” transparent aligners, also known as invisible braces, which are detachable and transparent alternatives to traditional braces. A qualified orthodontist will remotely monitor the home clear aligner.

Patients do not need to see their orthodontist for examination and progress scans in person throughout the treatment. Instead, they contact the orthodontist through remote dental services (online).

Teeth cleaning can also be removed at any time, making it easier for you to brush and floss. Unlike metal braces, the braces are almost invisible when in your mouth.

The byte aligner can treat minor overbite, underbite, crowded teeth, and gaps between teeth. Severely misaligned teeth require braces, headgear (for children) or surgery (to treat jaw problems).

1.Byte aligners all day vs. night aligners

Byte aligners typically take between 3 and 6 months to work. However, if improvement is needed, treatment may take longer. Byte provides two aligner options: all-day aligner and night aligner.

All-day braces sell for $1,895 (thousands of dollars cheaper than Invisalign and braces). These aligners must be worn for more than 22 hours a day.

The night aligner is priced at $2,295. These aligners only need to be worn for 10 hours a night. The treatment time is usually longer.

*Robust Suggestion: Although night orthoses may be convenient, Robust does not recommend them to be better than traditional orthoses. There are concerns about their effectiveness and safety among many oral health experts.

In fact, there is no scientific evidence that night owls are safe. In fact, they may do more harm to your teeth than good. From a clinical point of view, if you only wear it for a few hours a day (less than 20 to 22 hours), there will be problems. 9, 10

Every additional hour, your absence of braces increases the possibility of your teeth moving in undesired directions. 9, 10

In addition, without a longer, more stable wear schedule, your teeth may be on the verge of inflammation. This means your teeth and gums will take longer to heal

Other side effects and risks of night owls include:

  • More discomfort. When you start a new calibration set, you may experience some uncomfortable days. This is completely normal. If you leave your aligner outside for more than a few hours, the discomfort will last longer. This is because your teeth can be restored to their original positions.
  • The treatment lasts longer. Corrective treatment at night is difficult to predict. Failure to follow the 20-22 hours rule may result in modification of treatment time.

Robust recommends Byte’s all-day aligner instead of night aligner.

2.Byte-aligner treatment plan

There are three steps in the byte aligner process:

1) Byte Impression Toolkit

Byte recommends purchasing an impression kit on their website. After receiving the calibration kit in the mail, you will use the impression tray, smile stretcher and putty to take your dental impression.

Then, use the return shipping box provided to send the impression back to the orthodontist. Delivery is completely free.

If you are not a candidate for Byte aligner, you will get a full refund of the impression kit. If you are a candidate, there is no obligation to purchase an aligner.

How to make a dental impression

When you receive your impression kit, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Byte provides you with a detailed brochure with step-by-step instructions. This process is relatively simple and takes about 20 minutes. It includes the following steps:

After you have your first impression, repeat these steps four times. There are two top and two bottom impressions in total. When finished, put all the impressions back into the impression tray box. Seal the box in a prepaid envelope and send it back.

Side note: Do not touch the ink pad after removal and removal. This can change the impression. In addition, you may experience some upper jaw discomfort when using the impression tray. If you don’t have time to mail your impressions, arrange for a U.S. postal pick-up at home.

2) Aligner & Remote Monitoring

After checking your dental impression, the orthodontist will create a customized treatment plan using the fully interactive 3D model and the Smile science system. This kind of appointment is 100% remote, which means you don’t have to visit them in person.

The Smile Science System was invented by Dr. Jon Marahi, a Hollywood cosmetic dentist. It combines the aesthetic precision of 5-point analysis, which helps to determine the best tooth position for your unique facial structure.

After you approve the personalized treatment plan, Byte will deliver the aligner (with detailed instructions) directly to your door. The custom invisible braces move your teeth safely, little by little time. After wearing one set of aligners for a week or two, you can change to another set. This cycle will continue until you achieve a new smile.

Throughout the treatment process, you will also perform remote inspections to ensure that your teeth move correctly.

3) HyperByte® technology

As a Byte customer, you will receive HyperByte®, FDA approved dental mobile acceleration equipment.

The device safely straightens the teeth 2 times faster than other high-frequency vibrating tooth straighteners.

When used every day, HyperByte helps reduce discomfort, improve the accuracy of tooth movement, and reduce treatment time by half.

How long can I use superBytes?

You only need to wear 5 minutes a day (for night vision goggles 10 minutes a day). If your new smile is misplaced during treatment, Byte will help you recover for free.

4) BrightByte Whitening Treatment

If you wear braces for more than 20 hours a day, why not whiten your teeth? Byte includes a BrightByte system in every treatment plan. This is a three-in-one foam cleanser, brightener and breath freshener.

To use BrightByte whitening treatment, follow the steps below:

  • Brush your teeth and make sure they are clean
  • Pump BrightByte foam into the aligner or holder tray
  • Spread the foam evenly on the inside of the aligner
  • Align your teeth and start your day
  • Retainers and resettlement

After treatment, you will get a custom-made retainer to ensure that your teeth stay in place. Unlike many other calibration companies, Byte offers reservations at no additional cost. The retainer is made for comfortable night wear. They also include tooth whitening foam (BrightByte) and suitcases.

5) Retainers and Aftercare

After treatment, you will get a custom-made retainer to ensure that your teeth stay in place.

Your first set of retainers is included in the total treatment cost. The retainer is made for comfortable night wear. They also include tooth whitening foam (BrightByte) and suitcases.

2.How long do you need to wear Bytes aligners?

It takes 24 months to straighten the teeth. Byte treatment usually takes 3 to 6 months, using Hyperbyte (tooth movement acceleration device) every day. The processing length will vary depending on the type of byte aligner you choose:

  • All-day aligners-These aligners are worn 22 hours a day. The average processing length of the Byte All-Day aligner is 3 months, which is about 2 times faster than other clear aligners.
  • Night braces-These braces correct your teeth while you sleep and are worn for more than 10 hours a day. The average treatment time for Byte’s At-Night aligner is 5 to 6 months. Night calibration is only approved for very minor calibration situations.

If your new smile is misplaced during treatment, Byte will help you recover for free.

3.How often do you change the byte aligner?

Byte recommends that you send photo updates at least once a month. The wearing time of each set of braces depends on your unique treatment plan.

4.Is the byte aligner useful?

Clear aligners have been in existence for more than 20 years. With the advancement of 3D modeling, video conferencing technology, and digital cameras, creating a home clear aligner treatment plan is safer and more effective than ever.

However, it is important to remember that not everyone is eligible for explicit aligner. For example, if you have:

  • Jaw problems or severely misaligned teeth
  • Gum disease, tooth decay or other oral health problems that need to be treated first
  • Permanent retainer after previous corrective treatment
  • Dental restorations, such as dentures, implants or bridges

How does the research view home-correctioners?

Although home orthodontic treatment is risky, current research shows that for mild and moderate malocclusion, the risk is usually low.

More specifically, if you follow the instructions very carefully throughout the treatment process, home correction therapy is generally considered safe and effective.

The results of a study show that 87.5% of respondents are satisfied with their home correction treatments, whereas 6.6% go to the dentist after experiencing an adverse reaction. Since home treatments are still relatively new, more research is still being conducted on the risks and benefits of treatments. But most patients are satisfied with the results and tend to use these aligners instead of traditional treatments because of the cost and convenience

Remember, the clear aligner, which is directly to the consumer, is monitored remotely. The risk of complications is slightly higher. If you don’t go to the clinic in person, orthodontic treatment is difficult to predict.

5.Advantages and disadvantages of byte aligner

Home aligners like Byte are monitored remotely. This means that during the entire treatment process, you never need to see an orthodontist for a progress scan. Here are its advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of Byte Aligner

  • No office visit
  • Remote treatment
  • Refunds for unqualified candidates
  • Support, seven days a week
  • Free online evaluation
  • Available payment plans
  • Includes Whitening Safety Gel (BrightByte)
  • The average treatment time is 2 times faster than the competition
  • Provide super byte technology to accelerate tooth movement
  • Both day and night
  • Free guard ring includes
  • Lifetime Warranty

Disadvantages of byte aligners

  • Only small cases of misaligned teeth can be treated
  • Higher risk of complications than braces
  • Tooth surface contact accuracy is lower than braces
  • Easy to misplace
  • Your speech is slurred when the orthosis is in your mouth

6.Bytes and its Competitors

As compared to other aligner companies, Bite aligners are more affordable ($600) than Invisalign ($2,400) and Candid ($2,300). Byte also provides “Super Bytes” for each patient. Using HFV (High Frequency Vibration) can speed up tooth straightening by 2 times. If you want to straighten your teeth quickly, Byte is a better choice than SmileDirectClub, Candid and ALIGNERCO.

If you are not sure which home aligner brand is best for you, read the comparison below:

Byte vs SmileDirectClub

The price of the Byte “all-day aligner” and the SmileDirectClub aligner are the same ($1950). Byte’s “Night Aligner” sells for $2,245, which is more expensive than Smile Direct’s Night Aligner.

The average treatment time for Smile Direct is 4 to 6 months, while Byte usually takes 3 to 6 months.

Compare Byte and SmileDirectClub (comments, concerns and costs).


ALIGNERCO is the most affordable home aligner on the market (US$1,145, Byte is US$1895-2245). Though ALIGNERCO is more cost-effective, Bytes take longer to apply. The average treatment time is 8-12 months, and Byte is 3-6 months.

ALIGNERCO also offers night aligner options.

Compare Byte and ALIGNERCO (review, care and cost).

Byte vs. Candid Co

Candid Co is the most expensive household cosmetics brand (US$2,400). Their customer service is superb, however, and their onboarding is detailed. Byte also has responsive customer service, but the onboarding process for new employees is not so detailed. Candid treatment takes 6 to 12 months, and they do not provide the option of night aligner.

7.Is Byte as good as Invisalign?

Invisalign is the most mature office aligner brand. SmartTrack® is a patented thermoplastic material that makes these aligners stand out from the competition. Invisalign claims that this material is more comfortable, more accurate, and more discreet.

The invisible aligner treatment is personally monitored by the patient. Your dental office acts as a “middleman”, which means you will receive a higher standard of care. However, this also means that the aligner will be more expensive than the home option.

With Byte, a practicing dentist or orthodontist will track your progress through virtual scans. These appointments are completely remote and flexible. You will never visit an expert in person.

Office braces like Invisalign are recommended for patients with complex tooth misaligner. Byte is only recommended for mild to moderate situations.

The price of Invisalign is generally between US$3,000 and US$8,000. This does not include the cost of retainers to keep the teeth in order after treatment. The cost of Byte is significantly lower (less than $2,000).

8.What is the true cost of Bytes?

The byte all-day aligner is priced at $1,895 and the night aligner is priced at $2,245. The impression kit costs an additional $95. This covers all clear aligners, holders, remote monitoring, smile protection procedures. The retainer used to keep the teeth tidy after treatment is free.

There are other ways to pay for treatment through affirm or bytepay™ monthly payment plan:

Does insurance include a byte aligner?

If your plan provides orthodontic benefits, byte aligner may be covered by insurance. You will be reimbursed directly by your insurance company.

Byte can provide you with the forms required to make a claim to an insurance company. However, they will not accept direct payments from your suppliers. Visit to see if you meet the conditions.

You can also use your HSA or FSA to pay for the impression kit, aligner system, HyperByte, and retainer.

9.Our feedback: before you buy

One of our authors at Robustordered byte’s dental impression kit online. The process of receiving the toolbox was quick and simple, and the package arrived intact.

Everything in the impression kit is clearly labeled and accompanied by step-by-step instructions. From opening the toolbox to taking the impression, the entire process takes about 20 minutes.

Active takeaway:

  • This product is well packaged. These instructions are also easy to follow.
  • Impression putty is tasteless and easy to form/mould to tray.
  • The impression process is fast and should not exceed 30 minutes.
  • As long as you exert enough pressure throughout the process, it is easy to leave an impression.
  • The direction of return is clear. Byte provides you with a prepaid return envelope. You can also choose to pick up through USPS.

Negative takeaway:

  • The impression tray may be uncomfortable. If you bite too hard, they may press on your upper jaw.
  • There is a higher risk of wrong impressions at home. Most bad impressions are due to not biting hard and deep enough.

What people say about Byte

The Robust team collected comments on Bytes from three websites. In total, we found more than 6000 customer reviews. Most of the comments are positive, and a small part are negative or somewhere in between.

Most of the positive reviews about byte revolve around ease of use, fast processing time, and overall price/performance. Most of the negative comments about byte are related to refund policies, insurance coverage, and shipping issues.

10.FAQ for Byte aligner

Is Byte better than Invisalign?

Invisalign is the most well-known brand of transparent aligners. The treatment process is personally monitored by the dentist or orthodontist, which means it is safer than clear tooth aligner treatment at home. The byte aligner is safe and effective, but the treatment process is monitored remotely.

How often do you change the byte aligner?

Using HyperByte every day, you will change your byte aligner every week (from the direction of your orthodontist). Remote inspection

Can you use HyperByte more than once a day?

You should only use your HyperByte for 5 minutes or 10 minutes of night alignment every day.

Does Byte provide night-time aligners?

Yes, Byte provides a high-quality orthodontic system that allows you to straighten your teeth while you sleep. You will wear the aligner for at least 10 hours a day (with a 10-minute HyperByte).

Is byte alignment right for me?

If you have slight to moderate tooth misalignment (such as crowding, spacing, or tooth rotation), Byte may be a good choice.

How long will the treatment take?

Byte processing is faster than most competitors. Using HyperByte every day, the average treatment time is between 2 to 4 months.

What is the minimum age requirement for Byte?

Byte’s aligner treats patients 12 years and older. If you are under the age of 18, you need the consent of your legal guardian.

If I have a dental implant, can I use Byte to straighten my teeth?

It is possible. Byte’s registered dentist will check your impression to make sure. If you are not a candidate, you will get a refund for the impression package.

Should I wear braces if I am pregnant?

Byte recommends waiting until you are not pregnant before starting treatment. Targeting treatment may be uncomfortable.


Byte is known for its fast treatment time. Every customer will receive a HyperByte® device with their aligner. This is a tooth movement acceleration device approved by the FDA, which can reduce the treatment time by about 50%.